Procedures for Electronic Devices – 160

By Steven Miletto

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Do you have procedures for the electronic devices that the students use in your classroom? Now I don’t mean the cell phones and other technology that the kids bring. I’m talking about the laptops, chromebooks/netbooks, and calculators that you have for the kids to use during class. 
These tools can be, although helpful and engaging, a pain. Why?
1. Devices can waste time.
2. Devices can be stolen.
3. Devices create issues.
To overcome these issues the solution is identify a helper to implement your procedures for the electronic devices.
The helper will:
1. Get the devices ready.
2. Distribute the devices.
3. Take up the devices.
4. Tell you when all of your devices are collected.
5. Put the devices in their holders, chargers, and storage bins correctly.
Do you have a helper? You should.
A helper will help you save time, not waste it.
Length – 23:25