Pondering Education S2E13: EduChatting with Starr Sackstein and Connie Hamilton

By Ryan McHale

Challenging the status quo to best serve the needs of 21st century students.

“EduChatting with Starr Sackstein and Connie Hamilton”

Pondering Education

Season 2 Episode 13

April 7, 2019

Episode Overview

On tonight’s episode of #PonderingEducation, Ryan goes educhatting with Starr Sackstein, NBCT and Connie Hamilton, Ed. S. from last month’s ASCD #Empower19 conference in Chicago!

To kick off tonight’s episode, Ryan discusses last week’s MCAS controversy and calls on the Massachusetts Department of Education to take drastic actions to rectify the mess caused by the inclusion of a racist question in the 10th grade ELA test.

Following a final word from our month-long sponsor, Studentreasures, Ryan speaks with Starr and Connie from Empower19!

***Note: Please excuse the background noise throughout the interview. The media room was hopping at the time!***


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