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In this episode, I share my daily reflection posted on Twitter @bryoncar, from August 22 to 26, 2022
I reflect on these podcast episode from my listens on the:
22nd: walking in the woods at the end of our backpacking trip
23rd:  Evolving with Gratitude E20 “Digging Deep and Connecting to the Soul with Guest Laura McDonell”
24th:  Check this Out (Ryan ODonnel & Brian Briggs) E150 with Got Teched (Eric Guise & Nick Johnson) “The Start of Something New”
25th:  ASPIRE to Lead “Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching: Featuring Katie Miglin”; DEFINE YOUniversity E93 “REDEFINED: Lessons Learned from a 10 Month Hiatus”
26th: Science 360 with Tim Stephenson E57 “Everything Space with Bill Burnyeat”; Youtube to check out:  

Martin Doolaard “#31 Outdoor Workshop, Bread baking and First work on the Roof” (https://youtu.be/dvGP5QDsxko)
Brent Gill Wait4It Films “Running a Fishing Resort Episode 12 “The Heat of the Season”” (https://youtu.be/jks0XvvT6pM)
National GeographicExperience the Underwater World Through the Eyes of a Free Diver | Short Film Showcase (https://youtu.be/L4qM1IEhtNQ)
Hania Rani live at Invalides, in Paris, France for Cercle (https://youtu.be/J5oZ80Daduc)

Track: Know Myself – Patrick Patrikios ( NoCopyrightMusic ) | My Audio Library | Background Music
Bumper:  EdTech Distilled – Adam Geisen and David Lersh

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