Pilot: Journey of Podcast, Métisness, and Educational Responsibility with your Host Madelaine McCracken (Educate the Earth)

Tawnshi folks! 
Article: Susan Dion (2016) Mediating the Space in Between: Voices of Indigenous Youth and Voices of Educators in the Service of Education.
In Episode One of Research Time, Madelaine talked about “Restitution in Education” and how it is the action of restoring teachings and overall educational notions to where it originated (Dion, 2016). This is the responsibility of all teachers to enact within their own classrooms. She also discussed the next steps of the segment, how she has become an Indigenous researcher, and answered various questions from folks that she hope will assist them within their journeys. 
*IGTV/Instagram Live is the primary place of these conversations. Thank you for your understanding.*