Peace only happens by hearing each other’s story and through love

Peace only happens by hearing each other’s story and through love

By Jen Cort

Jen Cort is an education consultant in the areas of equity, inclusion, diversity and justice. In this podcast, Jen opens up a "third space"— a place outside our familiar home and work environments — in order that we might begin to engage in some of the provocative questions that need to be addressed. Listen in as Jen speaks with some of the leading thinkers and doers in the field.

Leo S. Ullman was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in July 1939. After surviving WWIIas a “hidden child,” as chronicled in his book, “796 Days”, and in a documentary film, “ThereWere Good People…Doing Extraordinary Deeds: Leo Ullman’s Story” Harvard College (1961) received law and business degrees from Columbia University. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve.

Mr. Ullman practiced law and founded a real estate investment trust, which he took to the New York Stock Exchange and was named Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year.” Mr. Ullman served as a Director of the Anne Frank Center USA, established the Jewish Historical Museum of Amsterdam, and was a member of the Development Committee of the U.S.Holocaust Memorial Museum. At Andover, Leo established the “Ullman Lectures” as part of tolerance education.Leo and his wife, Kay, have co-sponsored the exhibit “State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda” at the U.S.National Holocaust Memorial Museum. They have also funded the creation of a “Righteous Remembrance Room” atStockton University’s Holocaust Resource Center to honor the persons who saved his life and the lives of others in hisfamily.

Mr. Ullman was the goalie in 1960 and 1961 for Harvard’s championshiplacrosse team has completed 145 triathlons, including 3 Ironman competitions, and bicycled across the U.S. in 25days, donated a collection of some 15,000 Nolan Ryan baseball cardsto Stockton University, authored“The Largest and Most Unique Collection of all Things Nolan Ryan” and “Leo, A Hidden Child in WWII,” which includes 19 pages of illustrations by Michelle Shain.

Leo continues to be active in lectures and programs on the Holocaust in many schools, universities, churches,synagogues and civic organizations.

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