P3 #28 Will Gourley

By Noa Daniel

Passionate educators connect weekly to address questions, explore perspectives and learn from each other.

Education is Will Gourley’s 5th career. It’s been a lifelong love of learning that has led him to and through many “incredible experiences” such as real estate, radio, entrepreneurship and more. Since 2009, Will has been an active member of several learning communities at the school and board level that have “pushed the boundaries of education beyond the textbook and traditional approaches”. He has been a host teacher to teacher candidates, a mentor for the New Teacher Induction Program(NTIP), a Global Math Project Ambassador, and he is presently a SERT and Junior/Intermediate teacher at Adrienne Clarkson PS, in York Region. In 2013, Will was chosen to lead one of the first TED Ed Clubs in the world. Since then, he has worked to empower students to share their ideas worth spreading and to encourage educators to thread narrative into their instruction. As 1 of only 90 TED Ed Innovative Educators in the world, Will walks the talk as a TED coach and speaker.