P3 #145 Sara Candela

By Noa Daniel

Passionate educators connect weekly to address questions, explore perspectives and learn from each other.

Sara Candela taught high school English and journalism in New York for 14 years before moving to California 3 years ago to pursue interests in various aspects podcasting and writing, among other explorations. Part of the journey always included a search for ways to still work with teachers and students – or at least serve them in some way. To bridge between her old teaching life and her new one, Sara started the podcast From Bell to Bell – A Podcast About School, in which she invited teachers to choose a film that takes place in school and talk about what it tells the public about education or kids. After learning how to launch, produce, and manage many podcasting clients at once, and getting to know the podcasting world of Los Angeles pretty well, Sara somehow became connected to Swivl, and slowly made a transition to working on a podcasting tool they were developing for the classroom, Synth.

When the pandemic hit, a year and a half of work on Synth started to close as the Swivl side of the business demanded more help, and Sara began transitioning over to learning about the core of the company. Now, she serves as Marketing Manager for Swivl – which includes Synth and skilled.space – and loves facing the challenge of shaping the future of not only educational technology, but the landscape of coaching.
Sara loves deep conversations, podcasts, yoga, getting lost in the woods, hiking with her two dogs, reading, paddling, music, her family, the California sun, & constantly getting better at being a human. She co-hosts The Dock with Stephen Hurley on Saturday nights on VoicEd Radio.