P3 #133 Julie Mueller

By Noa Daniel

Passionate educators connect weekly to address questions, explore perspectives and learn from each other.

Julie Mueller, is a Professor and founding member of Laurier’s Faculty of Education. She is currently the Associate Dean and Coordinator of the Bachelor of Education program. She was an elementary teacher with the Waterloo Region District School Board for almost a decade, teaching grades 2 – 5 and K – 6 Health and Physical Education. Following the birth of her second daughter, she returned to Graduate work to answer the many “I wonders” that constantly swim through her mind, completing a Ph D in Social and Developmental Psychology. Her research has morphed from investigations of computer integration in classrooms, through the transformation of learning with mobile technology, to understanding and investigating Computational Thinking as a way of thinking in problem solving in a digital world. Her passion is active learning–finding ways to stay physically active while learning in an increasingly sedentary age.
Most current publication: Hennessey, E., & Mueller, J. (2020). Teaching and Learning Design Thinking (DT): How Do Educators See DT Fitting into the Classroom? Canadian Journal of Education, 43(2).