P3 #111 Angela Stockman

By Noa Daniel

Passionate educators connect weekly to address questions, explore perspectives and learn from each other.

Angela shared that her, “best learning and work happens at the intersections of making, writing, and attending to issues of equity. She spent twelve years teaching elementary, middle, and high school writers in western New York state before stepping out the classroom to become a professional learning facilitator. Most weekdays find her learning beside K-12 writers and teachers in classrooms and schools throughout the United States and into Canada. She is the author of two Hack Learning books–Make Writing: 5 Strategies that Turn Writers Workshop into a Makerspace and Hacking the Writing Workshop: Redesign with Making in Mind. Her next book, Creating Inclusive Writing Environments in the K-12 Classroom: Reluctance, Resistance, and Strategies that Make a Difference, will be released by Routledge later this year.”