Not in My School: Preventing School Violence

Over 220,000 students have been affected by school shootings. Beyond that, almost all students struggle daily with bullying and other threats. Mark Vondracek, a Global Teacher Prize finalist and runner-up for Illinois Teacher of the Year, and Ed Dunkelblau, the director of the Institute for Emotionally Intelligent Learning and an internationally known speaker and consultant on the topics of social-emotional learning and character development, safe schools programming, and humor in education, share how classroom teachers can be part of the solution. Learn more by visiting This very special episode of the Bedley Bros is sponsored by Advancement Courses. They offer over 200 online graduate-level PD courses in 19 different subject areas for K-12 teachers. and use coupon code BROS20 for 20% off! The Bedley Bros also support, the place to teach your kids empathy through meeting classrooms from around the world. Please sign up for Global School Play Day and join the hundreds of thousands around the world who believe that unstructured play is vital for proper child development.