Nina Munteanu – Diary in the Age of Water & Water Is… 401

By Steven Miletto

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Nina Munteanu discusses her books A Diary in the Age of Water & Water Is… This is episode 401 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.

Nina Munteanu is a Canadian ecologist and internationally published novelist of science fiction and fantasy. In addition to eight published novels, Nina has written award-nominated short stories, articles and non-fiction books, which have been translated into several languages throughout the world. Recognition for her work includes the Midwest Book Review Reader’s Choice Award, finalist for Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year Award, the SLF Fountain Award, and The Delta Optimist Reviewers Choice.

Nina is a member of The Writer’s Union of Canada and SF Canada. Nina regularly publishes reviews and essays in magazines such as The New York Review of Science Fiction and Strange Horizons. She serves as staff writer for several online and print magazines, and was assistant editor-in-chief of Imagikon, a Romanian speculative magazine. She currently writes for Amazing Stories. She is also an editor for Eagle Publishing House (Romania) and Europa SF, a zine dedicated to informing the European SF community.

Nina hosts the Age of Water Podcast with co-host Claudiu Murgan; a podcast devoted to exploring water and environmental issues. We do monthly interviews with scientists, visionaries, authors of eco-fiction and technologists on matters of the environment, climate change and what we are doing to make a difference.

Nina teaches writing at the University of Toronto and George Brown College. She also gives writing workshops and courses based on her award-nominated guidebook “The Fiction Writer: Get Published, Write Now!” (Starfire World Syndicate). The textbook is used in colleges and universities throughout North America and Europe. It was translated and published by Editura Paralela 45 in Romania. The next book in her writing guide series “The Journal Writer: Finding Your Voice” was released in winter of 2012 in Romanian by Editura Paralela 45 and in English in early 2013 by Starfire. The third book in her writing guide series is “The Ecology of Story: World as Character” published June 2019. This guidebook instructs on basic ecology and provides guidance in world building, role of place in story and use of metaphor.

Nina’s “Ecology & Story“ world building workshop series is given across Canada to writers of eco-fiction, science fiction and fantasy. Her recent book “Water Is…The Meaning of Water” is an educational book on water and stewardship. Considered a “biography” on water, it was Margaret Atwood’s #1 choice in the New York Times ‘Year in Reading.’

Nina shares her time between Toronto and Vancouver in Canada.

For more information about booking her workshops, online classes, individual consultations, or speaking appearances go to Her award-winning blog The Alien Next Door hosts lively discussion on science, travel, pop culture, writing and movies.

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