Nicole Asherah – A Life Cycle: A Guide to Healing and Rediscovering Yourself – 494

By Steven Miletto

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Nicole Asherah – A Life Cycle: A Guide to Healing and Rediscovering Yourself. This is episode 494 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.
Nicole Asherah is an artist whose main mediums are poetry, film photography, and oil painting but she has a habit of dabbling in whatever sparks her creative juices. Switching between mediums of expression, Nicole tries to connect readers to intimate moments, feelings, and relationships experienced throughout life. She wants to break your heart with the raw emotion that her pieces evoke. She hopes you find joy in that heartbreak as she always does!
Nicole has unique background of being raised by a psychologist, backpacking around more than 15 countries by herself, attending Roehampton University’s Creative Writing Poetry MFA, volunteering with SURJ and other grassroots organizations that have all synthesized to give her broad understanding of peoples individual struggles and how to capture them in art.
Nicole loves to hear feedback and reactions so please feel free to comment or contact her.
Today we will focus on her book – 
A Life Cycle: A Guide to Healing and Rediscovering Yourself.
A Life Cycle, Nicole Asherah’s debut book, follows the introspective process of transformation after emotional hardship through poetic language. Asherah serves as a guide through the sections of her book while also allowing the readers to see the words as their own. A Life Cycle is broken into sections after a traumatic event that represents the final tipping point. What follows is The Shattering: a deep dive into the suffering of fully losing one’s sense of self and safety, The Healing: a journey through processing layers of trauma to reach the root hurts of childhood, Light Shines Through: an exploration of reigniting hope and learning to find joy, and The Loving: a discovery of what love is and how the act of loving has much more to do with one’s self than the person receiving the love.
This book transcends the genre of poetry because of its ability to universally help people process and name feelings that often elude words. This book is for anyone developing, hurting, healing, or becoming new versions of themselves. She knows this because that is exactly what she was doing when she wrote it: healing childhood trauma, processing a sexual assault, and learning how to experience joy.
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