Mr. Ron Bentley Episode #29

By Andrew Marotta

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017.
Blog #29–Lollipop Leadership–You can do it too…everyday!

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Podcast #29 – aired Saturday 12/23/17.
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Lollipop Leadership

Dew Dudley, the Founder of Day One Leadership tells a great story about Lollipop Leadership in his Tedtalk called Lollipop Leadership. He shares about the time when as the director of leadership at a small university in Canada he gave a lollipop to the young man standing next to a beautiful young lady on line at registration. The embarrassed young man then handed the lollipop to the girl which then prompted Drew to boisterously said to the girl’s parents and surrounding new students: “Already…One day at college and she’s taking candy from strangers!!!!” What Drew did not know at the time that this young lady was petrified being at the college…she did not want to be there and was ready to pack it in right then and there…This small act of kindness…this lil’ joke…this minor outreach from Drew Dudley changed the whole experience for this girl…It broke her fear and she released a tension that she thought might never go away.

She wound up dating this young man throughout college, and a year and a half later, they invited Drew Dudley to their wedding.

What a great story! Thanks Drew for sharing….So, on the eve of Christmas where people are rushing to get those last minute gifts, how about giving the gift of lollipop leadership to others–A small outreach of kindness…An act of graciousness towards others. A gesture to make another feel more comfortable of confident. We all have it in us, we just have to make it a priority to do it.

My guest this week on the podcast, Ed Leadership & Beyond, is Ron Bentley. Ron is a husband, father, a Police Officer in New Canaan, CT, and my brother in law!!!! Ron, in his role as an officer and baseball coach, takes advantage of the many opportunities he has to demonstrate his leadership to others, especially the lollipop moments. He shares several stories during the show about these actions as well as the amazing story of how he saved an unconscious baby boy.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Quote: Evil is powerless…if the good are unafraid. Ronald Reagan
Thank you to all of our first responders…You are heroes everyday!

Thank you for reading & tuning in. Be bolder and show your presence!
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