Mr. Paul Rickard Episode #49

By Andrew Marotta

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Monday, June 18, 2018.
#49 Blog & Podcast: 17 inches or Flexibility?
Education Leadership and Beyond: Surviving & Thriving with Andrew Marotta and guest Paul Rickard.

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I recently read an article entitled Stay at 17 Inches. The gist of the article is about holding people accountable–holding kids accountable to the letter of the law…That a strike is a strike in baseball and that we have to stop making accommodations for different situations. No deviations from rules or laws…It is what it is.

The article generated a lot of conversation with educators about rules, accountability, and standards. I feel strongly about these aspects of my job as Principal as well as my job as a college basketball official. I am charged with enforcing the rules and the consequences that go along with those rules. While I agree with many aspects of the article, I feel strongly that life is not that simple…I feel people deserve a chance, and maybe even a second chance sometimes. I believe in progressive discipline where someone who does not get into a lot of trouble may not get the same punishment as someone who has a lot of discipline. This is similar to a copy who may NOT give someone a ticket who has a clean driving record and someone with many tickets and such may get that ticket. I believe in the concept of treating everyone fairly, not exactly the same. A student who has a family member with a severe illness deserves some compassion and understanding with a dose of flexibility, while maybe someone who does not have those life circumstances does not.

I discuss this concept and more with Chief of Mt. Hope Police and College Sports Official Paul Rickard. He balances enforcing the rules as written vs. the life scenarios that come his way…in real life and on the courts and fields.
He shares stories about his role as a leader, father, police officer, and a college basketball & lacrosse official.

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