Mr. Jared Kahmar Episode #26

By Andrew Marotta

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Saturday, December 2, 2017.
Blog #26: Hand, Fight, Life with my guest Principal Jared Kahmar.
Education Leadership and Beyond: Surviving & Thriving with Andrew Marotta

Podcast #26 – aired Saturday 12/2.
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So normally, for each and every podcast that I record I start out with a 10-12 minute opening concept about leadership, education, or a tie in, when possible, with my guest. Well, this show was different. Jared Kahmar, flipped it around on me and asked me the questions. He was extremely passionate about the Hand, Fight, Life concept he’s been working on….related to wrestling but when applied to life, it can be a plan for success!

He asked me about my perfect day, my am & pm routines, my PLN (professional learning network) content (podcasts, readings, and things you partake in each day),and my core values. He commented on how my routines and perfect day should reflect in my core values and how doing those things should be in tune with my values..and the content that I surround myself with should be adding to my core values….helping me only improve. I was able to share about my beautiful family, eating healthy, having goals and a vision for the future.

Ask yourself those four questions:
What is your perfect day?
Your am & pm routines?
The content you surround yourself with: TV, texting, podcast, reading, etc?
Your core values?
Do they connect? Do they represent one another? Do they represent you? Jared walked me through the concept of hand, fight, life explaining how all of these should be connected and represent you and what your about–how you spend you time, your actions, and your investments. Jared brought the energy on the show & flipped it around on me. Hope you enjoy the concept of hand, fight, life and our talk!

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Go out and change the world for the better.