Mr. Jack Appleman Episode #50

By Andrew Marotta

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Monday, June 25, 2018;
#50: Education Leadership & Beyond, Surviving & Thriving with Andrew Marotta: 10,000 Success Hotline calls/Successful Business Writing with Jack Appleman: FREE BOOK GIVE AWAY…..

This blog is like two for one–I am celebrating 10,000 calls on success hotline by Dr. Rob Gilbert of Montclair University and meeting Jack Appleman of successful business writing. While I always try to write an awesome blog, I am focused on this more than ever as I know my man Jack Appleman will be reading it!

#1: 10,000 success hotline calls–an amazing feat by Dr. Rob. He’s been leaving 3 minute motivational messages about success, confidence, grit, storytelling, etc since 1992. YES, 1992! Unbelievable! give the hotline a call today. 973-743-4690. Not a gimmick, not a sham. It is just pure, authentic self-improvement and motivation. Doc has become a friend of mine over the years and can’t thank him enough for his great work. Give him a shout. 973-743-4690…You’ll be happy you did.

#2–Also, check out Jack Appleman at Successful Business Writing. I came across Jack’s book and loved it! It has helped my writing immensely–wasted words, fluff, tone in emails, etc. One of his points: write like you speak hit home because that is some of the feedback I received from my book The Principal: Surviving & Thriving. Another point he makes is: WIIFM. What’s In It For Me? Don’t just write emails that say do this, or use this new product. Write it in a way that makes the reader feel they will benefit from whatever it is that you are asking them to do in the email. Jack’s whole concept of keeping it simple really resonates with my style of writing. I hope it does for you also.

Speaking of what’s in it for me: BOOK GIVEAWAY TIME. What better way to kick off your summer than by reading a great book that will improve your writing. Jack has offered a free copy of his book, 10 Steps to Successful Business Writing, for the best response to this blog. I am also offering 5 free copies of my book to the top 5 meaningful responses written to this blog. Jack is also offering a discount to Education Leadership & Beyond followers for his writing coaching classes as well. Email him at Lastly, Jack will take the first two calls regarding improving your writing for free–20 minutes each. Call Jack today at 845-782-2419 for your free writing consult.

**I apologize for the loss of sound during the podcast. I have since upgraded the wifi and it should be good now!**

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