Mr. Dan Rockwell-The Leadership Freak Episode #43

By Andrew Marotta

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Saturday, April 28, 2018
Blog #44 Education Leadership and Beyond with Guest Dan Rockwell
Education Leadership and Beyond: Surviving & Thriving with Andrew Marotta

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Podcast #44: Do your job with Guest Dan Rockwell.
In this weeks episode, we meet Dan Rockwell. Dan is a star in the field of leadership and is doing great things with his blog, The Leadership Freak. Dan has been an inspiration to me personally because of the content of his blogs as well as the way he writes. His writings are straight-forward, pertinent topics, and just seem to hit home with me with where I am in my life. After I interviewed him, I felt more of a connection. Enjoy the show Podcast #44 with Dan Rockwell: Do Your Job

This week’s content came from Dan’s March 3rd blog entitled Do your job. We wrote about the book by David Halberstam entitled The Education of a Coach. As leaders, Dan gives three tips that we can do not only to better do our jobs, yet support our colleagues and those who follow. I found these three tips simple yet practice and purposeful:

#1: Do the work: Don’t just show the way, get your hands dirty and do the work too. In terms of being a Principal, I don’t just talk about teaching with engagement, I try to model it in my meetings and activities with my staff. I also try to get my hands dirty–help clean up a spill, pick up garbage while walking the building, or even cover a class. No job is too big or small–Do The Work!

#2: Support others while they work: Challenge and cheer Dan writes. I’ve struggled at times trying to motivate other…trying to make them the best they can be and it has backfired. People have gotten angry at me stating that I made them feel that they were doing a poor job. I really like this concept: challenge and cheer!

#3: Remove the obstacles: Lastly, as a leader, Dan shares about removing the obstacles for others. Think about how many people give you an excuse of why they did NOT do something. They gave you the reasons why not? Remove the obstacles, discuss the reasons why and get others to Do Their Jobs!

Dan’s work can be found here: The Leadership Freak

Enjoy the podcast. Order your copy of The Principal: Surviving and Thriving today!

Quote: Not all readers are leaders, yet all leaders are readers.
Harry S. Truman

Book Recommendation: The Education of a Coach by David Halberstam.

Next week’s guest is psychologist and author from the College of St. Rose Dr. Stephen “Bird” Birchak


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