Mr. Anthony Lazzaro Episode #39

By Andrew Marotta

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Podcast #39 with Anthony Lazzaro- aired Saturday 3/10/18….
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Blog #39 with MS Assistant Principal Anthony Lazzaro: Believe that People are Good!

Today’s show focuses on not only being a good person, surrounding yourself with good people, but most importantly seeing the good in others. The song by Luke Bryan inspired me: Believe Most People are Good. Think about it: if most people did this, the world would be a better place…and that’s the goal right? In the end, we want to leave things better than we found them….A couple of lyrics that stood out for me with this concept:

Forgive and make amends: life is short…not good for your soul to harbor bad feelings.

Working hard for what you got…Dr. Gilbert says: nothing is hard, just time consuming!

Most mamas qualify for sainthood…’nough said. I am blessed with the #bestmom! as well as my great M-in-L and watching my wife grow into an amazing Mom to my kids has been an amazing blessing

Be careful of the nightly news…what are you feeding your brain, your kids?…The news can be quite negative at times.
This song is a great country tune…ck it out!

Today’s guest is Anthony Lazzaro–Middle School Assistant Principal in Port Jervis NY. Anthony is an all-around great guy who shares his passions for learning, for students, biking, and ancestry.

Enjoy the broadcast found here with Anthony Lazzaro: Podcast #39: Believe Most People are Good with Guest Anthony Lazzaro…

Book recommendation: Talk like Ted by Carmine Gallo…

Quote: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
Nelson Mandela…

Go out and change the world for the better.