March 2020 Self-Awareness and Identity

By Leigh Cassell

Global EDU Student Chat ( @GlobalEdSsChat) is a student-led Twitter Chat that connects K-12 students around the world to discuss topics related to character education, social justice, and citizenship. #GlobalEdSsChat creates opportunities for students to network with others, gain perspective, build relationships with new learning partners in a literacy-rich learning environment, experience social media as a powerful platform for learning, and establish a positive digital footprint.

This month, the GlobalEdSSChat team looks at the value of relationships, using the following questions as a guide to the conversation:

1. What are you interested in? What do you love to do?

2. What does it mean to “be yourself”? What makes you unique?

3. How does social media affect your self image or allow you to be more (or less) yourself?

4. How can you encourage others to be more self-loving?

5. Do you feel the need to change who you are when you are around others? Why?

6. Do you think that people feel safe to express their true identity if they are in the minority?

Special Guest:

Tara Martin is an enthusiastic educator, national speaker, and author who thrives on change and refuses to settle for the status quo. She has served as a classroom teacher, an instructional coach for several years, and most recently, a district administrator.

Tara is the author of the inspirational book,Be REAL: Educate from the Heart and Cannonball In, a motivating children’s book illustrated by Genesis Kohler. Tara firmly believes machines and artificial intelligence will never replicate an individual’s REAL identity–the unique strengths, talents, and life experiences of every human. Tara’s passion for education and love of writing led her to a new role where she coaches and serves educational authors as the Director of Public Relations and Communication for DBC, Inc.

Tara’s ambition is to lead a culture of innovative change, keep social-emotional learning at the heart of our work, and encourage others to Cannonball In and fulfill their true potential!