Lyn Hilt: Teacher to Entrepreneur

By Will Deyamport

On this episode, I Zoom in Lyn Hilt and we chat about her journey from classroom teacher to becoming a teacherpreneur. Lyn Hilt is an educational leadership and instructional technology consultant who uses her experiences as elementary principal, instructional technology coach, and classroom teacher to facilitate meaningful professional learning experiences designed to help promote innovative teaching & learning. As instructional technology integrator and coach in Pennsylvania, she served three elementary schools. She worked with teachers and students by providing professional development opportunities and resources to staff, writing curricula, designing learning activities, and pushing into classrooms to work with students on technology-infused project work. Prior to her coaching position, Lyn served as elementary principal for five years in the same district, and it was while serving in this leadership role that she discovered the joys and benefits of connected learning and leadership. Lyn is also the community manager for the vibrant and inspiring ChangeLeaders Community, a space created by the Modern Learners team, designed for current and aspiring educational leaders, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of learning. Lyn is an avid blogger and contributor to social networks and has presented at various local, state, and national conferences on topics ranging from professional development to networked educational leadership. Lyn is a Google for Education Certified Trainer and Apple Teacher. Lyn provides many Google for Education trainings with the fine team at Kiker Learning. Lyn has contributed to various publications in print and online. She authored a chapter on using social media to support professional learning in the 3rd edition of Powerful Designs for Professional Learning, published by Learning Forward. Lyn teaches future educational leaders through her role as an adjunct instructor and online course designer for Cabrini University. She holds K-12 principal, elementary, and middle-level math and science teaching certifications. Lyn began her career teaching fifth and sixth graders and always strives to focus her work to help best meet the needs of young people. You can find Lyn on Twitter @lynhilt and via her blog, Learning in Technicolor. You can reach the Hilt Consultants team by visiting their website: