Louis Volante – Literacy Assessment in a Multiliteracies World

By Stephen G Hurley

Host Stephen Hurley scans the education ecosystem, looking for the people and ideas that are starting to change the way we think about teaching, learning, schools and communities

Dr. Louis Volante is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at Ontario’s Brock University. He was the lead author on a recent article in The Conversation, “Testing literacy today requires more than a pencil and paper”. In this conversation we explore the changing literacy landscape around the world and how the assessments that we use to gauge both student success and school effectiveness might be expanded to capture the new possibilities that are open to educators, researchers and, most important, students.

Check out Dr. Volante’s (et al) most recent contribution to The Conversation: https://theconversation.com/testing-literacy-today-requires-more-than-a-pencil-and-paper-114154

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