Live Episode with Andrew Marotta and Guests

By Andrew Marotta

#ELB Education Leadership & Beyond is a high energy, leader-based podcast that shares ideas, thoughts, and tips about becoming a better leader in all areas not just education. Andrew has on guests from a wide range of fields including education, public speaking, gov’t, medical, etc just to name a few. Tune in live on voicEd radio, facebook, ITunes, and on the socials. Andrew laughs, cries, shares, and obviously talks with his guests about education, life, leadership and being your best self. If you want to be a better leader, this podcast is for you!

Live St. Patrick’s Day episode of Education Leadership, & Beyond; with Andrew Marotta at Foundry 42+, on Front Street in downtown Port Jervis, NY…
Special guests: George Rollman, Kelly Decker, Deb Cassara, Bud Williamson, Tom Faggione, Eric Hipsman, & Cooper Boone.
Go out and change the world for the better.