Liam D. Auliciems and Scott Harding: PRACE-E, Teachers, and Teaching, part 2 – 282

By Steven Miletto

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Welcome back! This is part 2 of my interview with Liam D. Auliciems and Scott Harding. They are working in Australia. We talk about their organization PRAC-E, teachers, and teaching in Australia, England, and the US. Lots to learn. Thanks for listening. Don’t forget that this is part 2 of a two part series. Episode 281 is part one. So take a moment and listen to part 1 first. You won’t be disappointed. This is one of my all time favorite interviews. Liam and Scott are amazing!!!
PRAC-E was founded in 2018 in Australia, by Liam D. Auliciems and Scott Harding, after they could not withstand the growing statistics of the ‘teacher drought’ any longer. Join us in part 1 of a two part series as we talk about the teacher drought, PRAC-E, teachers, and teaching. This has to be one of my all time favorite talks – ever! Liam and Scott are amazing! Thanks for listening! This is episode 281 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.
PRAC-E is an initiative to support beginning teachers through best in class digital media and in-person symposium events.
PRAC-E is made by teachers, for teachers.
PRAC-E has connected with some of Australia’s leading Universities and have also independently run several PRAC-E Symposiums, where a varied panel of educators aim to demystify the profession for beginning teachers in a Q&A format.
PRAC-E also creates regular digital media, such as the #ASKPRAC-ENANYTHING and Teach Hack Challenge video series, as well as the PRAC-E Podcast.
Through this content, PRAC-E has connected with several notable people to spread its message. This exposure includes a primetime story feature on the national ABC News, collaborations with influential teacher media creators, as well as a guest appearance on the Teachers Need Teachers Podcast, and EduMagic podcast in the U.S. PRAC-E’s aim is to support beginning teachers, to create a budding community and to bring an end to the teacher drought.
Bio for Liam D. AuliciemsLiam D. Auliciems is an education entrepreneur, academic researcher, registered teacher and a postgrad Masters student from Australia. After seeing first-hand the dismal state of affairs of beginning teachers across the world, Liam co-founded PRAC-E to help find a solution to the ‘teacher drought’. Liam has had a varied experience during his short time in the teaching profession, from being a Residential Tutor in one of Brisbane’s largest private schools, to volunteering his time to support some of Australia’s lowest socio-economic students. Liam hopes to be an agent of change in the educational sphere, to disrupt the status quo and challenge traditional ideals of pedagogy and student care.
Bio for Scott HardingScott Harding has been dubbed the ‘educational all-rounder’ due to his wealth of experience in the teaching profession. Through his 22+ years in the classroom, Scott has had first-hand experience in every type of school you could imagine, from co-ed/single sex, private/public in both his home country of England and Australia. Scott has an undying passion for mentoring beginning teachers and has begun numerous ventures to ‘send the elevator back down’. Scott has a seemingly never-ending supply of poignant anecdotes, practical advice and entertaining stories, all of which carry important lessons for beginning teachers. Scott is currently a senior teacher in one of Brisbane’s quickest moving independent schools, and teaches English and French at the Secondary level.
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Don’t forget…if you haven’t listened to episode 281 …it is part 1 of this 2 part series.
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