By Stephen G Hurley

Host Stephen Hurley scans the education ecosystem, looking for the people and ideas that are starting to change the way we think about teaching, learning, schools and communities

David Price, OBE is a global thought leader, learning futurist and author, with a keen eye for how organizations learn, innovate and lean into the future.

David’s highly-acclaimed book “OPEN: How We’ll Work, Live And Learn In The Future” sounds some very poignant tones in our current time as governments, social institutions and businesses try to make sense of life in a post-COVID world.

His newest book, scheduled for a summer release, is “ The Power Of Us: How We Connect, Act And Innovate.”

The title says a whole lot, and we’ll dig into some of the main themes of that book in today’s conversation.

Find out more about David Price by visiting his website: https://davidpriceobe.com