LEx CONVERSATIONS – Cindy Blackstock

By Bob Westrope

In Canada, 52.2% of children in foster care are Indigenous, but account for only 7.7% of the child population. That is a staggering fact that should cause all of us to stand up and take action.
Dr. Cindy Blackstock is one Canadian who continues to dedicate her life to education and action around the inequality in the way in which First Nations children are treated, especially by the structures developed and maintain by the highest levels of government. For Cindy Blackstock one of the places to look for solutions is in the way we think about leadership, followship and citizenship.

indy Blackstock is a member of the Gitxsan First Nation, Professor at McGill’s School of Social Work, and the Executive Director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society. She holds a doctorate in Social Work as well as honorary degrees from a number of Canadian universities. Dr. Blackstock is an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Find out more about the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society at https://fncaringsociety.com