By Stephen G Hurley

Host Stephen Hurley scans the education ecosystem, looking for the people and ideas that are starting to change the way we think about teaching, learning, schools and communities

LEx Conversations is pleased to welcome Bob Rae, a man who has dedicated much of his life to public service. Between the years 1978 and 2013, Bob Rae served at both federal and provincial levels, leading the province of Ontario as premier from 1990-1995.

Currently, Bob Rae works as a lawyer, a mediator and a teacher at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. He’s written 5 books on politics and public life and is both a Companion of the Order of Canada and a member of the Order of Ontario.

In this conversation, we use the current COVID-19 pandemic to talk about leadership, the dangers of nations turning in on themselves and some of the new dimensions of citizenship and engagement.

Listen to Bob Rae’s podcast, Political Stripes at https://politicalstripes.ca