Lead to Include Conference – Kimberly Maich – What’s Next on Inclusion Research in Canada

By Steve Sider

n this series, experts from a variety of backgrounds in Canadian education explore the landscape of inclusion and inclusive education. What are our visions for inclusion? What are the challenges, the opportunities and the provocative questions that need to be asked? How do prepare participants at all levels to effectively navigate the inclusion landscape so that we are better preparing our schools for ALL students? This is the Heart and Spirit of Inclusion.

Kimberly Maich is a special education specialist, a certified teacher, an associate professor and Newfoundland and Labrador’s first board certified behaviour analyst.

Having taught, researched, and served undergraduates, graduate students, and professional educators at Brock University, Fanshawe College, Western University, Nipissing University, Redeemer University, as well as schools, community agencies, conferences and parent groups, she is well-positioned to speak on the future of inclusion research in Canada.