Kendra Elaine @MsKendraElaine: How to Get Clear on What You Want

By Will Deyamport

On this episode, I Zoom in Kendra Elaine and we chat about getting clear on the direction of your life. Kendra Elaine is the self-proclaimed recovering jobahoic turned entrepreneur. With over a decade of work experience that includes a revolving door of positions and companies, Kendra has accumulated a large body of experience. She uses that experience to help others. Her entrepreneur journey started with helping single women build confidence and have a thriving dating life. She then transitioned into career coaching, helping young people find their passion and increase their motivation. She helps build corporate confidence for those still in the workforce and she empowers those looking to transition. Her current focus is helping companies attract, lead, and retain high performing millennial talent. Kendra equips company leaders with her tools and strategies to connect with and lead young people in a multi-generational environment. A published author and highly sought-after speaker, Kendra was honored as one of St. Louis’ Top 100 Urban Influencers. Contact her at and visit her website