Kelly Mackay & Andrea Kerr – The Waiting, the Risk, and the Trust

By Chris Cluff

It’s amazing how many rabbit holes one man can encounter when he’s chasing squirrels! Join Chris Cluff as he finds, explores and pushes the boundaries in education.

I highly reccommend that you check out The Beast blog on WordPress at the same time as you listen to this podcast. Kelly and Andrea’s pieces set up a scale to our conversation that cracks open many of the silos that are so easy to lock ourselves into. And at the same time, they offer their vulnerability as a vehicle to go deeper, ask another question, and keep seeking.
At every turn in our conversation I was reminded of the necessesities in education – the power to share, the grace of collegial conversation, the getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, and the appreciation that comes from giving from our whole self.
So FYI, take a pause or two to dig into the backstory of @thebeastedu and enjoy the podcast.
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