Kanika Tolver @KanikaTolver: How to Make the Career Come Up

By Will Deyamport

On this episode, I Zoom in Kanika Tolver and we chat about getting to the next level in your career. We also delve into ways that people of color sell themselves short in the job market, especially within the ranks of leadership. Kanika Tolver is no ordinary “social-preneur.” This former highly decorated government employee turned rebel entrepreneur and Certified Professional Coach is a serial innovator who’s fueled by an extraordinary commitment to social change and to helping others create their own “epic lives.” As an in-demand coach, consultant, speaker and thought leader who’s often tapped as an expert source for the media, Tolver helps individuals establish themselves at the “architect of their own life” to realize career, business, life and spiritual success—all in a way that promotes restoration, balance and nurturing one’s authentic self. Her services include career coaching and technology coaching. A self-professed “tech geek” and career technologist enamored by the latest and greatest gadgetry, Tolver is also an advocate who also promotes “people of color” getting more involved in science and technology. Tolver is also author of the acclaimed title, “Life Rehab: Don’t Overdose on Pain, People and Power” (Paperback, ISBN 978-0615797939). In this lauded book, which boasts nearly a 100% five star rating on Amazon.com, Tolver not only talks about her own personal experiences with self-identity issues, painful relationships, managing her weight, and bad career experiences, but also provides a step–by-step plan for your own bona fide “Life Rehab.” Tolver is a highly regarded source often tapped by the press, having been featured on CNN, CBS Radio, Yahoo, Glassdoor, Entrepreneur, the Washington Post and in a litany of radio interviews. Kanika Tolver, who graduated from Bowie State University in Maryland, currently hails from Washington, DC where she has resided most of her life.