John Willis: Sibme – Training From the Ground Up, Not From the Top Down – 484

By Steven Miletto

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John Willis: Sibme – Training From the Ground Up, Not From the Top Down. This is episode 484 of Teaching Learning Leading K12, an audio podcast.
John Willis is a veteran educator turned virtual coach. He has been in the education industry for 27-years. John served as a high school teacher for 17 years before becoming a district coach, then coordinator. Now, John is a consultant and master coach for Sibme, a professional learning and coaching platform.  
As a learning and organizational development professional, John helps leaders and teams increase their ability to capture a more comprehensive view of what is happening in the organization and facilitate strategic interventions to move the organization forward. Through analysis of stakeholder competencies and context as well as organizational culture and conditions, John takes an integrative and collaborative approach to partner with organizational leaders to build capacity throughout the system.
A little about Sibme…
Sibme was founded by teachers who understand learning and know that most employee training doesn’t apply the basic principles of learning design. We were tired of sit and get workshops, irrelevant performance reviews, and outsiders that just told people what to do and left.
That’s why we’ve built Sibme’s software to be people focused and employee powered. We believe training should happen from the ground up, not from the top down.
Sibme’s focus for service, training, consulting, and success teams: empowering you to drive your own success.
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