Jay Dubois – Setting the stage, Choice, and Transformation

By Chris Cluff

It’s amazing how many rabbit holes one man can encounter when he’s chasing squirrels! Join Chris Cluff as he finds, explores and pushes the boundaries in education.

Jay and I made fast friends, in truth it would be difficult not to be. His energy is infectious and his view of education draws you in and busts out the wows at every turn. He is rockin’ authentic learning experiences that are cleverly accelerated with digitools. Believe me, his fearless pursuit of the fringes of EDU inspires me to up my game; he’s pushing some of the most critical pieces of modern learning in front of elementary kids and they are totally blowing the roof off of it.
You can find Jay on Twitter @Jay__Dubois and his learning blog at mrdsadventuresinteaching.wordpress.com
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