Interview With Kyle From Yoga With Kyle! – Episode 045

By Juan Campos

The Seal It With A Smile Podcast is where high performing Educators come to learn actionable brain building strategies. These brilliant minds understand that learning happens through relationships! This show will make you more responsive, more insightful, more congruent, and more effective so YOU can serve as a SUPERMODEL for your kids. Master teachers understand that higher performance in the classroom starts within themselves.

How to we manifest peace?

Amazing interview with Kyle from Yoga With Kyle! Like so many teachers, Kyle is multi-talented: Recording Artist, Author, Certified Yoga Teacher!

Kyle she’s an amazing person who has found incredible peace through her yoga practice and teaching kids and families yoga! Through her life’s journey, she has learned about acceptance, self awareness, and about the potential within each one of us and herself!

Great teachers are not always in a school building! I invite you to enjoy this AMAZING interview that goes deep into how loving and taking care of ourselves can help us become better teachers for others.

Some amazing take aways and subjects we cover in this interview:
“The problem is with that rigidity in the body comes rigidity in the mind”

* How taking five deep breaths can change your own mindset and those around
* The importance of listening to children
* How to become more present?

“Yoga is a gentle discipline… life long… “

“Always be a student to yourself”

“Being your best and be your best advocate is your first step”

* Why are we so afraid of being us?
* Appreciating the intelligence of understanding our emotions

“The mistake we make is to not be in the moment and come from fear… it’s not really fair to the child”

“Be selfish in taking care of you”

“People don’t know how to reach for help”

“Put your own oxygen mask on”


* Redefining adulthood


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Children’s Book: The Quiet Clam