Interview with Hannah from – Episode 038

By Juan Campos

The Seal It With A Smile Podcast is where high performing Educators come to learn actionable brain building strategies. These brilliant minds understand that learning happens through relationships! This show will make you more responsive, more insightful, more congruent, and more effective so YOU can serve as a SUPERMODEL for your kids. Master teachers understand that higher performance in the classroom starts within themselves.

I had an AMAZING interview with Hannah from Syllabiblog
In addition to her full time position as a teacher who teachers future teachers on HOW to teach; she maintains her blog and a highly active Instagram Account where she posts about a modern day educators life.

This interview is a breath of fresh air, as Hannah openly discusses the personal and professional issues she dealt with as a first year teacher (trust me, its not what you think). She dives into what motivates her to lead others into our profession, and why self care is so important.

No matter where you are in your teaching career, this interview is a MUST! There are so many take aways to unpack, I highly encourage you to take a listen! Listed below are some great quotes:
“I think a big part of my job is setting an example of what I hope our future teachers should be like”
On what are some important things to tell your students…
“Tell your kids, Yeah I made a Mistake! Its fine.”
When it comes to how she started out teaching… she didn’t (at first) want to be a teacher!
“Oh God No! I didn’t want to do that at all, but that’s ok!”
On her teaching now…
“I just sit there and I think, “I get to do this everyday”. What a blessing!”

Make sure to follow her on Instagram and keep up with her posts on her website and blog!