In conversation with AgentNDN & Elysse Deveaux {Pandemic Pedagogy convo 42} Imagining a New ‘We’

How do we teach history in this moment and others? In this conversation, I speak with AgentNDN and Elysse Deveaux about decolonization, memes, and semiotics. What are the tools can use to interrupt colonialism and colonial structures?  
More about AgentNDN: Agent NDN is a Listuguj Mi’gmaw PhD student, lecturer, musician, author, memer, and an outspoken social critic on Twitter and Facebook. His interests are varied and include everything from occultism and conspiracy studies to cognitive science and psychedelics, but most of his energy gets directed towards learning and teaching about the past and present of settler colonialism on Turtle Island. 
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More about Elysse: Elysse Deveaux is an intermedia educator and researcher with over 10 years of experience as a documentary filmmaker and media producer for social and educational organizations (Twenty-One Toys, University of Toronto’s iThink Education Initiative). Their current graduate research focuses on curriculum development for critical media literacies at the K-12 level, with an emphasis on visual pedagogies and representations in digital culture. Connect with Elysse at
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