How was your day? Day 14 & 15

By Chris Cluff

It’s amazing how many rabbit holes one man can encounter when he’s chasing squirrels! Join Chris Cluff as he finds, explores and pushes the boundaries in education.

Welcome to How was your day?
Over the next 5 weeks I will be collaborating with Merijam Volpe a Teacher Candidate from Lakehead University.
I mentioned that it might be cool to podcast our journey together and capture our end of day conversations about the teacher candidate process.
She agreed so … here … we … go!
In this episode:
And, and, and
Where’s Kevin?
The priviledge
Whole lotta glitchin’
You can find me on Twitter @chrisjoncluff and on WordPress at
Merijam can be found at
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The song played in this episode: T-Shirts Silly Bus by Captive Portal. Captive Portal is licensed under a Attribution-ShareALike License. This song has not been remixed or changed in any way.

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