How To Win $1000 For Your 2022/23 Gap Year

“So, you’re telling me you want to give me $1000 to NOT return to school?” That’s right, Gappers! In celebration of our 5th anniversary, CanGap is giving away $5000 in Gap Year Scholarships this year to 5 gap year students and gap year alum.
Our first round of spring scholarships will award $1000 to two 2022/23 gap year students and one gap year student finishing their gap year this year. In this episode, Michelle dives into how to fill out your application, what we’re looking for and application deadlines. Listen in to learn how to write a winning application before Friday, May 27, 2022!
Topics Discussed
Announcing our CanGap Gap Year Scholarships and what to expect.
What scholarship funding can be used for.
The application process for our spring and fall 2022 scholarships.
Who qualifies for a CanGap Gap Year Scholarship.
Three pro tips for writing a winning application.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode
CanGap Gap Year Scholarship –

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Michelle Dittmer
President of the Canadian Gap Year Association (OCT)

Michelle is an educator and youth advocate that has taught grades 4 through College, developed International Service-Learning Programs, nurtured Educational Partnerships with school boards from coast to coast, and developed youth policy. Having a finger on the pulse of the needs of young learners, combining their need for experiential learning and developing reflective and values-aligned practices, she founded the Canadian Gap Year Association to raise the profile of gap year as a solution to mental health, lack of clarity, and the skill gap.