How to Pick a Uni Program (Or Not)

How to Pick a Uni Program (Or Not)

Attention high schoolers navigating post-secondary choices! Are you overwhelmed with the decisions of choosing a post-secondary pathway that will be right for you?  Look no further, because this episode is jam-packed with valuable advice from Michelle, as she busts popular myths, provides insightful guidance, a deeper look into the post-secondary pathways, and key resources to support you during this pivotal time.  Most importantly, there is no wrong path – just steps toward a fulfilling education and life. Reach out to CanGap for personalized guidance and crafting your future journey! Topics Discussed

  1. Decisions aren’t permanent: Remember, post-secondary choices can and should evolve with you over time.
  2. Exploration over perfection: We advocate for exploring various pathways rather than stressing about finding the “perfect” one (especially right out of high school!) 
  3. Assessing YOUR life at Post-Secondary: Michelle discusses the many aspects of post-secondary, and prompts listeners to envisions their life at post-secondary. 
  4. No wrong path: Emphasising that all forms of education have value, Michelle encourages personalised journeys without the pressure of a “right” choice.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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