How to Embrace and Support Multilingual Students with Andrea Bitner

How to Embrace and Support Multilingual Students with Andrea Bitner

By Dan Kreiness

The Leader Of Learning podcast explores transformational leadership in education. It is where educators can come find inspiration to transform education through effective leadership. It is a community where educators can realize their leadership potential regardless of their position or title.

Welcome to episode 170 of the Leader of Learning Podcast. In this episode, we delve into the importance of embracing our multilingual students, the varied levels of support they require, and why viewing these students as assets is crucial in education today. We will talk about the tools that enhance communication with ELL families and the significance of involving everyone in the school in fostering a welcoming environment. Andrea will also share insights from her latest project, which involves interviewing a diverse group of individuals to create a mosaic of true stories. With Andrea’s vast experience and deep understanding of ELs — highlighted by her transition from focusing on the deficits to celebrating the capabilities of these students — this episode is a must-listen for educators who work with or want to better support linguistically diverse students.

Guest Information:
Andrea is a proud English Language Learner Educator who lives outside of Philadelphia, PA. She is in her 23rd year of teaching! Throughout those 23 years, she has worked with students in grades K-12 as a HS English Teacher, Title 1 Reading Specialist, English Language Learner Teacher, and Teacher Mentor. She currently works with EL students in grades K-12, and travels the country inspiring and supporting educators, administrators, and support staff in how to best teach, reach, connect, and communicate with bilingual students and families. Andrea is also the author of “Take Me Home,” and a contributing author of “The Impact of Influence-Volume 3,” and “100 No-Nonsense Things ALL School Leaders Shout Stop Doing.”

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