How Marriage Shapes Our Teaching with Educators and Spouses Dan and Rachel Vigliatore

By Adrian DelMonte

In the podcast, we hope to inspire educators to bring their whole selves into their classroom everyday. Through powerful conversations, we will explore how teachers can see their classrooms and students as extensions of who they are as people. We will help you embrace your calling as educators, teaching from authenticity, vulnerability and the power of the heart.

If you're a teacher who is a parent or a spouse, this is a wonderful conversation for you!Today's guests are Dan and Rachel Vigliatore, a wholehearted husband and wife who both teach in the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Dan is an elementary PHE teacher and Rachel is a secondary Guidance Department Head. They are also the parents to two lovely girls.Together, we talk about the many many parallels between teaching and parenting and even marriage. This conversation shows just how much our parenting and our spouses shapes our teaching and how much our teaching shapes our families.At the end of the conversation, I pose an exercise that would I would suggest for all of you: to create a family mission statement. It's a powerful exercise that can become a real map for both your family and, I would say, your own classroom teaching.You can connect with Dan and Rachel on Twitter! ——————————————NEW EPISODES EVERY OTHER WEEK! Be sure to follow or subscribe so you get them first thing Tuesday mornings!Apple: Spotify: ALL our episodes here: