How many hours are you working OUTSIDE of SCHOOL each day?

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Here’s what we discussed on this edition of the show:

  • How many hours of school work are you putting in daily outside of contractual hours? (Fixing Education)
  • My colleague dreads coming to work each day. What can I say to them? (Crappy Teacher)
  • How are you building culture in your classroom and school using physical contact? (Zac Bauermaster)
  • When teachers are policing student Crocs in schools, who wins? (Jay Wamsted)
  • “I don’t assign NEW work that MUST be completed at home.” (Jay Wamsted)
  • LEARN = Reflect, Solve, Create, Grow, and Think. (Bethany Hill)
  • What makes a good apology? (Adam Grant)
  • “It’s okay that you didn’t meet the standard.” (Monte Syrie)
  • Pawan Wander shares how she introduced creative constraints to her students using LEGO.
  • Are you able to wind down and truly relax during your lunch hour? (Chey Cheney)

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