Getting Through to Every Kid with Mark Levine

By Eryka Desrosiers

Welcome on a journey to becoming a better, more innovative teacher through weekly interviews with leaders, teachers, students and entrepreneurs both in French and in English! Bienvenue! Embarquez dans ce périple pour devenir un meilleur enseignant, plus innovant par l'entremise d'entrevues hebdomadaires avec des leaders, des enseignants, des élèves et des entrepreneurs, en anglais ET en français!

Mark Levine is an educator, a writer, a thinker, a coach, a consultant, a presenter, a former child psychologist and I would add, an advocate for all things wellness in the classroom.

He has built quite a reputation at his school for being able to get to any child, no matter the background and I admire that.

This conversation was never meant to be a podcast interview. It was a conversation that I ended up wanting to share because I found it so valuable in getting a different perspective of how you can connect with your students no matter what.

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You can reach Mark here:
Twitter: @LevineWrites
Facebook: Mark Levine
LinkedIn: Mark Levine