Getting Ready for Summer -FAAF 123

In this 121st episode, I share my daily reflection posted on Twitter @bryoncar, from May 22-26, 2023 I reflect on these podcast episodes from my listens on the: 23rd: House of EdTech E224D “Office Hours: More Podcasting Q&A”; Teach Outdoors S2E3 “How To Overcome Springtime Challenges” 25th: Got TechED E 138 “24 Websites Teachers Should Know About Part 1”; Tech Tools for Teachers “Connecting the World through Learning with Go Pangea!”; Teach Happier with Suzanne Dailey E102 “Setting Up For Summer” 26th: Evolving With Gratitude E58 “Unlocking Unlimited Potential with Guest Brandon Beck”; Ignite EdTech Podcast E125 “Ken Morrison”; About Bobber Down Sticker Project
—————————– Track: Know Myself – Patrick Patrikios ( NoCopyrightMusic ) | My Audio Library | Background Music Bumper: Podcast PD with AJ Bianco and Chris Nesi
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