Gap Year Travel: A story of social entrepreneurship with Jazzmine Raine

In today’s episode, we invited a very special guest, the incredible Jazzmine Raine, CanGap’s Community and Communications Manager.
Jazz shares her inspirational life story and experiences with us. From learning about grassroots development in Ghana to co-founding India’s first zero waste guesthouse, Hara House. She takes us through the ups and downs of her journey and reflects on the valuable lessons she learned and how they shaped who she is today. 
Together, Michelle and Jazzmine discuss how a gap year can play a fundamental role in developing your personal identity and being able to explore interests, passions and gain valuable experience and skills, specifically through the lens of travel, and how taking a gap year will give you the opportunity to do this.
Buckle up, because Jazz takes us for a spin around the world! 
Topics Discussed
Jazzmine shares her travels from around the world including places like Ghana and India, and how this allowed her to see life from different perspectives and brought forward humanitarian and environmental issues in developing countries. 
The nonlinear path to starting her own social enterprise and what skills she needed to build and maintain her organization.  
Honest reflection on post-secondary education and what role it played in Jazzmine’s journey. 
The importance of pursuing your interests, saying yes to opportunities and being able to adjust and adapt in different situations. 
Gap years are a powerful tool to expand your skills, explore the world around you and gain experience to carve your own unique path. 

Resources Mentioned In This Episode
Contiki – Group Travel & Adventure: 
Play Pump Case Study
Post Secondary Decision Making Guide 
Hara World 
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