FooknConversation_Lisa_Farley_Episode_20_2021 – 2021-01-19, 4.45 PM

In Episode 20 Dr. Ng-A-Fook interviews Dr. Lisa Farley, an Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Research, at York University. During their conversation, Dr. Farley draws on psychoanalysis, childhood studies, and history education to share her insights on living and working during the COVID-19 Pandemic. They discuss some of the following issues and concepts: Atlantic bubble, wearing masks, family pack walks in Toronto, serving her research community, child analyst D.W. Winnicott’s work, interpreting public emergency policies, tropes of childhood memories, innocence, nuisance making, playful antics, punishable acts, troubling settler colonial figures of the “child,” a psychoanalytic critique of debates related to “rapid onset gender dysphoria,” ethics of free association and free speech, and so much more.