Fierce Self-Compassion (With Dr. Kristin Neff)

By Morgane Michael

This is KindSight 101, the podcast where you’ll hear from world renowned educational leaders about the mobilizing power of kindness. Together, by challenging our assumptions and venturing beyond the status quo in education, we can make a BIG small act at a time.

Dr. Kristin Neff is an author, a professor at the university of texas at Austin, and is one of the foremost experts in self-compassion in the world. She and I talked about the self-compassion inventory, the difference between self-indulgence and self-compassion, the fact that self-compassion can be fierce, radical act, rooted in healthy boundary setting. I learned a lot about the importance of being tender with ourselves, especially as we head into another year of this pandemic as a society. Be sure to check out her new book, Fierce Self Compassion. My goodness, I loved this conversation and I hope you come away feeling like you can create some healthy powerful boundaries of your own this year!