Fielding The Way: Dr. Lynda Colgan & Dr. Jo-Anne LeFevre

Fielding The Way: Dr. Lynda Colgan & Dr. Jo-Anne LeFevre

By The AIM Collective

The AIM Collective is a partnership initiative designed to engage researchers and educators from school districts across Canada to support the development of tools for assessment and instruction in mathematics learning in those formative years: kindergarten through grade 3. On May 2nd and 3rd, AIM investigators, led by Dr. Rebecca Merkley from Carleton University hosted a summit that brought together members of the collective: educators, researchers, and students. The Summit was an important step in building connections to support co-creation of meaningful research and useful tools for students’ math learning.

Listen to Dr. Lynda Colgan and Dr. Jo-Anne LeFevre share how early math research and education have progressed over the last 40 years

Dr. Lynda Colgan: Lynda Colgan is Professor Emerita, Faculty of Education, Queen’s University, and Executive Director (Education and Development, Science Rendezvous National). Lynda’s work reflects her career as a researcher rooted in years of experience as a classroom teacher, district-level coordinator, and pre-service and in-service instructor. Dr. Lynda Colgan has devoted her career in education to designing projects and outreach activities, changing the way people see the relevance of mathematics, and turning this once-intimidating subject into a field of wonder. Lynda is the 2023 winner of The Fields Institute Margaret Sinclair Memorial Award which recognizes innovation and excellence in Mathematics Education.

Dr. Jo-Anne LeFevre: Dr. Jo-Anne LeFevre is Chancellor’s Professor of Cognitive Science and Psychology at Carleton University. She is the primary investigator for the Aim Collective. She has conducted research on mathematical cognition for almost 40 years. Dr. LeFevre, in collaboration with Dr. Heather Douglas, created an early numeracy screener used as an assessment tool within the AIM Collective, known as early math assessment @ school or EMA@school. Not only has Dr. LeFevre been a leader within the field of numerical and mathematical cognition, but she has also been a leader in cognitive science in Canada.

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