Failure is How We Grow – FAAF 124

In this 124th episode, I share my daily reflection posted on Twitter @bryoncar, from May 29th -June 2nd, 2023 I reflect on these podcast episodes from my listens on the: 29th: no walking, no listening 30th: no walking, no listening 31st: Prairie Rose Possibilities 4.01 “Warren Peers – Maker Space”; Evolving with Gratitude E59 “Unaplogetic Leadership with Dr. Marcus Belin”; Unapologitic Leadership E36 “Be Intentional And Reflect” 1st: The Tom Schimmer Podcast E104 “Reset on Failure | Dylan Wiliam (Pt. 2) | Fake Grading War” 2nd: The Chey and Pav Show “Learning Coaches” —————————– Track: Know Myself – Patrick Patrikios ( NoCopyrightMusic ) | My Audio Library | Background Music Bumper: ReflectEd with AJ Bianco — Send in a voice message:

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