FAAF42 – It starts with Schmittou (this week) FAAF42

Welcome to FreshAirAtFive (FAAF) Podcast – Episode 42
In this episode, I share my daily reflection posted on Twitter @bryoncar, from October 11-15, 2021
I reflect on these podcast episode from my listens on the:
18th:  The Lasting Learning Podcast E194 “Emily Paschall is in sweet home Alabama, but she is changing the world of education”; The Lasting Learning Podcast E193 “Tim Stephenson joins Lasting Learning for an “out of this world” conversation”
19th:  House of EdTech E188 “11 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Teachers 2021”; Overthrowing Education E59 “Jake Miller: Growing Your EdTech Integration Mindset”; Shoutout to EduPodcastNetwork.com;  #MindsetMonday E3 Innovators Mindset Podcast “Developing Habits and No Longer Negotiating With Yourself (Episode 3)” 
20th:  Shukes And Giff S5E3 “Recipe for Fun and Engagement”; Education Today with Scott Nunes S2E2 “Grow Your Why with Barbara Bray”
21st:  The Staffroom Podcast E97 “Technology Under Review featuring Guest Host Lainie Rowell”; #InnovatorsMindsetPodcast “3 Questions on Educators that Inspire With Joshua Stamper”; Ignite EdTech Podcast E69 “Mike Shangkuan”
22nd:  The Tom Schimmer Show E46 “Fear of Regret | Tina Boogren | Method vs Format”
Next Episode: Oct 29th at midnight – stay tuned.
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