FAAF 90 – The Filters of Our Lives

In this episode, I share my daily reflection posted on Twitter @bryoncar, from Sept 19-23, 2022
I reflect on these podcast episodes from my listens on the:
19th:  The Tom Schimmer Show E “Reborn a Critic | Livia Chan | Synthesizing Standards”
20th:  The Innovators Mindset “S3 EP1 – 4 Things to Consider When Having a Fresh Start”; The Innovators Mindset “S3 EP2 – Growth Through Accountability to Others”; EdTech Bites E114 “5 Reasons Why You Need To Be Creating Newsletters!”
21st:  The STEM Everyday Podcast E232 “Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow Contest | feat. Ann Woo & Kevin Lay”; Evolving With Gratitude E23 “Fuel for the Positive with Guest Rae Hughart”
23rd:  Lasting Learning E205 “Miriam Plotinsky explains why hovering and being a helicopter teacher limits student potential”; Ignite EdTech E103 “Charles Wiles”
Track: Know Myself – Patrick Patrikios ( NoCopyrightMusic ) | My Audio Library | Background Music
Bumper:  Transparency in Teaching with Ann Kartun

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